16 Sep 19

Help for Nepal provided financial support to the Gulmi district landslide victims by providing £1,491.00 (RS 209,322.00). The cash was handed over to the local authority by one of our directors Mr Chitra Thapa on 16 September 2019.

09 Feb 19

Our first ever medical camp was very successfully completed in liaison with the Chitwan Rotary Club on 9 Feb 19.  Eventhough the weather was not that favourable and there was also another similar event going on the same day we have achieved our goal on the day.  Two of our founding members were also present on the day.  Please visit our gallery page to see photographs of the event.

05 Jan 19
2nd AGM and fund raising event at Everest Nepalese Restaurant.  The event went very well and we managed to raise £736.00 on that day.  Thank you very much for those attended the fund raising lunch and for those who has contributed without attending the lunch.  Your help and contribution was highly appreciated as always.  Our special thanks to Mr Tilak, Mrs Lalita and Miss Roshni Upadhya for making the event so successful.

8 Dec 18
Pre-AGM meeting.  Decided for AGM on Saturday 5 Jan 19.  And also decided to run a one day FREE medical camp at Devghat Chitwan in liaison with Rotary Club of Chitwan.  It is likely that Mrs Bhim Kala Gyawali and Mr Prem Kandel, two of our founding members will be attending the medical camp on Saturday 9 February 2019.

20 Apr 18
Help for Nepal received recognised as a Charity for tax purpose from HMRC.

15 Mar 18
A general meeting was held at 15:30pm on 15 Mar 18 for the following purpose:

  • To discuss and add more charitable objects in our existing Article of Association.
  • To discuss and decide future possible funding applications.
  • It was also agreed to submit funding application for the following programmer:
    • Poverty Relief “Enhancing Rural Livelihoods Through Cash Crop Cultivation.
    • IT Education in Schools.
    • Medical Camp “Devghat Relief Programme.
    • It was decided to sale Aaludum and Roti on 1st July 2018 (Cowley Road Carnival Day) in front of YETI Restaurant.  We need volunteers for this.  A special thank you to YETI Restaurant management team for authorising this.

The chairman asked all members to come up with a possible project(s) with necessary information i.e. Location (Where?), Funding source (How?), targeted population (Who?), time to start,  time to complete (How long?) and positive results (What changes it will bring?), is it sustainable? etc are main factors to consider.

21 Jan 18
Our first AGM was held on 21 Jan 18 at Gurkha Village Nepalese Restaurant.  Recognition of creditable work.  We discussed various issues and covered last 12 months activities in details.  Help for Nepal value and recognizes outstanding contribution from its supporters and well-wishers.  The following were presented “Certificate of Recognition” on the day:

  • Mr Chitra Thapa – for his outstanding contribution to raise funds in year 2017.
  • Yeti Nepalese Restaurant – for their outstanding contribution  to raise fund by organising a very successful fundraising event on 3rd September 2017.
  • Gurkha Village Nepalese Restaurant and Bar – for  their outstanding contribution  to raise fund by organising a very successful fundraising event on 21st  January 2018.
21 Jan 18
Our 2nd fund raising dinner was held at Gurkha Village Nepalese Restaurant in Kidlington. The event was very well advertised and attended by many well-wishers and supporters.  Help for Nepal is extremely grateful for their support and organizing very successful fund raising event.
8 Oct 17
Oxford Half Marathon – Mr Chitra Thapa, one of our founding members participated and completed the Oxford Half Marathon Fund Raising Run and raised a handsome amount.   A special thank you to Mr Chitra Thapa from the entire Help for Nepal team.
3 Sep 17
Our first ever fund raising dinner was held at Yeti Nepalese Restaurant. Help for Nepal is extremely grateful for their support and organizing very successful fund raising dinner.  The dinner was very well attended.  A very successful event.
9 Jul 17
Bank Account opened with HSBC for HELP FOR NEPAL. All members contributed £50 one off payment to generate initial funds and started a regular payment of £5 on every month with effect from 1 Aug 18.
15 Jan 17
This was our first meeting after registration of HELP FOR NEPAL as a Not for Profit Company. We decided to buy counter collection buckets, print membership pads and planned for fund raising activities. We also agreed to contribute £50 one off payment to generate initial funds and start a regular payment of £5 on every month once our Bank account is live.
5 Jan 18
Help for Nepal registered as Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered in England and Wales in January 2017 ® (Registered number 10549750).  This is a “Not for Profit” Charitable organization formed by a group of volunteers, working together to make a difference.
Jun – Dec 16
We conducted various meetings to discuss and decide about the registered address, application to company house for a Not for Profit, Company Limited by Guarantee.  All necessary documents were produced and submitted for registration.
15 May 16
Our initial meeting was called by Mr Tulasi Paudel on 14 May 2016 to start a charitable organization. More than a dozen well-wishers attended the meeting. The meeting discussed about the name of the organization “HELP FOR NEPAL” as a charitable “Not for Profit” company.